Kinetic Sculpture Availability • Last Call!


Frolic • Nearing Edition End

I build my sculptures in limited editions. I only make a predefined number of a sculpture and then no more. Folks have requested an announcement when a favorite is running out. This posts is to give you some warning on some ending designs.

Frolic has been a favorite and I am nearing the edition end. I will be making the last group of five in September of this year. Four are still available so if you have been waiting and saving for Frolic, now is the time to make your move. Soon, they will be all gone. Folic is $1995.00. Order here.



Labyrinth • Studio Master Available

I am ending the production of Labyrinth. It is time to move onto to a new patterning piece and there aren't enough months in the year to make everything! I still have the studio sculpture available for sale. This piece is one of the edition that I have displayed in the studio and used as my guide as I create additional edition pieces. This is the last Labyrinth. The price is $2095.00. Order here.



Evolution is Evolving

I thought I was done with Evolution but then I had a brainstorm for new type of mechanism that was perfect for it.  I experimented on my Evolution and I really liked how it moved. The motion now spends more time in the slow phase so the patterns are more fluid. As a bonus the run time has increased from 3.5 to 5.5 hours.  

I decided to make the remainder of the Evolution edition with the modified mechanism. So it has been returned to the line. There is no place for it in the schedule right now so it would be mid-late fall if that is your favorite piece! Evolution is $1595.00.  Order here.

Solo Kinetic Sculpture takes flight!

David recently released another new kinetic sculpture.  This one is Solo and it again incorporates one of his favorite themes, flight. He is applying a new mechanism to drive this and is very pleased with the end result.

Visit the website to see a video and more photographs of this new piece.  It is being produced in an edition of 95 and runs for 11 hours per winding.

A search of his portfolio shows that he has designed 17 flight related designs over the past 35 plus years. Click here to explore them all and see a little history along the way!

Shimmer is done and we get to celebrate!

It is celebration time again at Wood That Works. David has just completed the last of the Shimmer edition. All 95 have been made and 93 of those have been boxed, sold and shipped!

Shimmer is a well traveled design. We have shipped them to 25 different states and 7 other countries including France, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, and New Zealand!

We have two Shimmers left. This post is directed to those of you that have noted Shimmer is your favorite and you are hoping it won't sell out soon. It will! We have learned that we get flooded with calls right after a design sells out.  This is to give you a little warning! Here is a link to the info page here and the order page here.

 And once they all sell, we get to go out to dinner and celebrate!

Always Tweaking - Kinetic Design Changes

This week I am introducing Monarch II.  This isn't really a new sculpture introduction like Swoop was last week. No, Monarch II is a tweak, a significant tweak, to Monarch. 

Part of the joy of my job is the freedom to explore.  I am constantly learning, evolving and changing my designs. I have modified Monarch to incorporate a variation recently refined while working on other ideas. There is a longer explanation about it here on the webpage but suffice it to say, although the motion, action and essence of the two is the same, there is a visual difference in the center. 


In Monarch II much of the clutter has been removed. It just wasn't needed in this new, more elegant solution. I have learned that if I don't document these changes, and update the photos in the website, people notice and wonder.  

I have decided, because there is a noticeable visual difference, I will close the Monarch edition (now Monarch I) at 36, and will start Monarch II with the next scheduled production run in June. This will be a new edition of 75. 

I am constantly looking for a better design, a better mechanism or even a better tomato soup recipe. It keeps me working and smiling.   

Quandary • Another Kinetic Sculpture Edition is Done

David and I get to have a celebration dinner every time he completes an edition. During March he made the last four Quandary kinetic sculptures in an edition that numbered 95.

Three have been shipped and the last will go out this week.

There is always a mixed set of emotions with the completion of an edition. We are pleased to be done with an edition because it is great that they are selling, but also David is generally ready to move on to something new long before he reaches 95! But there is also a sense of loss. Quandary has been shipping since April of 2009. One could almost say it has become a member of the family! Its entire existence has been since the economy crash of 2008 and still, it sold out! 

Two things happen next..... a new sculpture gets introduced (coming soom!) and a whole bunch of new orders come in for Quandary. It never fails - many people wait until an edition is gone before they finally get around to ordering.

And no, David doesn't make more! But we do get to go out to dinner.