Monarch II

Limited Edition of 75  •  Size: 34"h x 34"w x 7"d  •  Approx. Run Time: 6 hours 

Sold Out • Monarch II Kinetic Sculpture Directions

About Monarch II:

Monarch II room.jpg

Why Monarch II so soon after Monarch I? It certainly wasn't planned. 

A few months ago I had a brainstorm in the shower (I do all my best designing in the shower!) I realized that concepts from a mechanism design I had been working on for my new sculpture Swoop would also apply to Monarch. If it worked, it would be a much more elegant solution to creating basically the same motion. I did a few experiments to test the concept and it looked promising so I started to modify Monarch drawings to see how it would change things.

Initially I thought I could implement the change and keep the edition the same. As I worked on it, I realized that the new mechanism would allow me to simplify the visual clutter in the center of the sculpture, another plus. It also made the change very obvious and I didn't think I could just continue the edition under the same name.

I decided to end Monarch I at 36 and start Monarch II as a new edition of 75. The motion and feel of the two versions are exactly the same, the change is in the details. 

Monarch makes a pleasant random clicking sound. It it usually a soft sound but occasionally gets louder when the two wheels reverse at exactly the same time and the mechanism is triggered with extra force.

Monarch 1 & IIv2.jpg

Yes, I am always thinking, designing, tweaking. 

Monarch II Full.jpg
Monarch II Detail.jpg