Quandary • Another Kinetic Sculpture Edition is Done

David and I get to have a celebration dinner every time he completes an edition. During March he made the last four Quandary kinetic sculptures in an edition that numbered 95.

Three have been shipped and the last will go out this week.

There is always a mixed set of emotions with the completion of an edition. We are pleased to be done with an edition because it is great that they are selling, but also David is generally ready to move on to something new long before he reaches 95! But there is also a sense of loss. Quandary has been shipping since April of 2009. One could almost say it has become a member of the family! Its entire existence has been since the economy crash of 2008 and still, it sold out! 

Two things happen next..... a new sculpture gets introduced (coming soom!) and a whole bunch of new orders come in for Quandary. It never fails - many people wait until an edition is gone before they finally get around to ordering.

And no, David doesn't make more! But we do get to go out to dinner.