Shimmer is done and we get to celebrate!

It is celebration time again at Wood That Works. David has just completed the last of the Shimmer edition. All 95 have been made and 93 of those have been boxed, sold and shipped!

Shimmer is a well traveled design. We have shipped them to 25 different states and 7 other countries including France, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, and New Zealand!

We have two Shimmers left. This post is directed to those of you that have noted Shimmer is your favorite and you are hoping it won't sell out soon. It will! We have learned that we get flooded with calls right after a design sells out.  This is to give you a little warning! Here is a link to the info page here and the order page here.

 And once they all sell, we get to go out to dinner and celebrate!