Kinetic Symposium in Florida- February 8-10

Last week David received an email from Mark Brzeszkiewicz who was inspired by David's work (Sun Dance) and went about designing and building his own kinetic sculptures. He sent a link to one of his designs currently submitted to the KAO International Kinetic Symposium in Boyton Beach, Floridia. This symposium runs this weekend (Feb. 8-10, 2013) and if you are in Florida you might want to check it out. There are many outside kinetic sculptures on display and three venues with inside sculptures as well.

And if you you can't travel there, you can still enjoy Mark's Kinetic sculpture via YouTube.

I'll look forward to more info from the show! 


Journey Comes to an End • Sculpture Edition Done

This week David and I got to have a celebration dinner. We do every time he completes a sculpture edition. He put his signature on Journey #95 and that ends an edition that began back in 2008.  

Journey was the sculpture that almost wasn't. David had been trying to design a sculpture with his favorite bird motion, that was small for international shipping but still graceful. It took a lot of experimentation to achieve the best effect. Now, five years later, all but one has been sold. They have been shipped to Canada, England, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Ireland.

As he made this last group he discovered some new production techniques that would have saved him bundles of time over the past five years. He never stops experimenting!

Read more about the design process of Journey and see other photos here. The last one can be ordered here.










Kinetic Sculpture Event • Adrift in Your Ocean • Brooklyn, NY

Do you live in or near Brooklyn, NY? If so you might want to put the following event on your calendar. There is a show at Wayfarers Studio located at 1109 Dekalb Ave., Brooklyn, NY opening on January 6th. Here artist David (Scout) McQueen will be showing a collection of kinetic sculptures inspired by writings of Vincenzo Gamba, the illegitimate son of Galileo. According to the show curator George Ferrandi it will include large installation kinetic sculpture components and beautiful brass work.  You can see a variety of David (Scout) McQueen's work on his website. The following piece was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's work.

Source: David (Scout) McQueen

Source: David (Scout) McQueen

Source: David (Scout) McQueen

I am fascinated! How about you? 

Additional show details: Dates: January 6- February 17, 2013
Opening Reception: Sunday, January 6, 6-9 PM
Gallery Hours: Open Weekends 12-6 PM or by appointment 


Kinetic Sculptures on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network for sharing and organizing images. It is a tool for collecting the beautiful or inspirational things you find on the web. I have started a Pinterest site especially for kinetic art. In it I have boards to organize images of my work, the work of other kinetic artists, and inspirational ideas.  Like Facebook, you can follow me on Pinterst and see the things I find and pin.

This site is broader than just completed kinetic art. I have boards on inspiring shapes. They might find their way in a wheel design someday. I have a board on whimsical kinetics just for fun but also one on kinetic toys, which is an expanding spot for gift ideas! I doubt that I would ever wear any kinetic jewlery but I am collecting ideas there. Perpetual motion is always a fun concept and I collect pins of ideas exploring that concept. My Pinterest site is becoming a clipboard of ideas.

You have to be a member to view Pinterest but for those of you interested in visual things on the web, I recommend joining. If you follow me, you'll see the new things I have pinned when you check in to see the pins of those you are following. If you also start a Pinboard in the kinetic relm, let me know and I'll follow that as well.

Here is a link to my Pinterest site.

Here is a link to the main Pinterst page for signing up:

New Wood That Works Web Site Coming

We have been extremely quiet here on the blog for the last couple of months. It isn't because we aren't working or creating content. You just aren't seeing it yet. We have been putting long hours into creating an entirely new Wood That Works web site and blog. We anticipate going live within the next month and are working on a launch plan now. We hope that the new site will be more intuitive and easier to navigate. Some of the new content will include many new videos of some of David's earliest designs, and an updated and expanded history and techniques area. Here is a sneak peek!

So stay tuned!