Artist's Statement

Words are not my craft. I prefer to spend my time creating my art not writing about it. I'm sure I'm not unique in this.

That said, I consider this entire web site to be my artistic statement. It's a summary of nearly 40 years of work developing a type of human powered kinetic sculpture. The underlying theme is one that started with the beauty of machines in motion. It evolved into one where I search for beauty in changing patterns of motion. 

What I'm doing now is best understood by watching some of the videos in the Current Works section. I've attempted to summarize the how and why of my work in the History/Techniques section. All the sculptures I've created can be viewed in the Portfolio section along with explanations I wrote at the time of their creation  (if we still have them). 

I design and build kinetic sculptures because I enjoy the act of creation. Taking an abstract idea and turning it into a physical object that "works" is a thrilling experience. I highly recommend it!

In 2016 a team from my alma mater Boston University came and created a special article and video about me and my work. Below is the video. You can see the article by Laura Ehrlich here.