David C. Roy with Falling Water kinetic sculpture

David C. Roy with Falling Water kinetic sculpture

My Training: 

Mechanics and motion have always fascinated me. During college I studied physics, engineering and chemistry to further my understanding of how things worked. I graduated with a degree in physics from Boston University in 1974. This intuitive understanding of motion and mechanics combined with the artistic influences of my wife, Marji, led me to the creation of kinetic sculptures. My woodworking skills are self-taught. In 1975 we started "Wood That Works" and I became a full time sculptor. 

My Work:

Since then I have designed and handcrafted over 150 different limited edition and one-of-a-kind kinetic sculptures most of which can be viewed in the Portfolio section of this website. 

Common elements in my work include motion and wood. All my current work is powered by constant force springs. You wind them and then sit back to be entertained for hours. My sculptures are fun to share. I love watching people's faces as they break into a smile when they "get it."


Even after all these years, creative ideas haven't stopped coming and I continue to create and sell new sculptures. You can purchase my work directly from me through this website. I did sell through a number of wonderful galleries located around the USA for 40 years but have stopped doing that now as my production has decreased. I do ship internationally. The pieces, for the most part, arrive totally assembled, (Occasionally you might have to slide a wheel in place). Instructions and a positioning template are included. We ship my sculptures all around the world and we work hard to create an install process that is easy to implement. 

I create my work in signed and numbered limited editions but don't construct all of an edition at one time. I do not add on to the edition once it is finished. This is to keep me moving on and trying new things. 


I currently maintain a studio in Ashford, CT in the rural northeastern corner of the state. It is open by appointment and visitors are welcome.