Limited Edition of 95  •  Size: 29"h x 23"w x 5"d  •  Approx. Run Time: 10 Hours 

Edition Sold Out   •  Swoop Kinetic Sculpture DirectionsSwoop Mounting Template

About Swoop:

Swoop 350.jpg

One of my fondest childhood memories was seeing a small Kodak yellow box arrive in the mail. This meant a movie night. My parents would haul out the 8mm movie projector and screen and we'd revisit about 2 minutes of silent scenes a few weeks or months old. Following the new movie we'd all get to pick one of our favorites from the collection. To the collective groans of my parents and siblings I invariably saved my pick for the one commercial movie we owned, Howdy Doody - A Trip to Funland. This was a silent black and white movie about a magic trip to a carnival that I consider my first inspiration to a life spent making kinetic sculptures. 

What does this fond bit of memory have to do with this sculpture? If you view this YouTube clip (of course it was there when I looked) starting at 6:42 http://youtu.be/BWbGcAfZnWM?t=6m42s you will see a brief scene involving a swing that goes higher and higher and eventually makes it all the way around. (Every kids fantasy?)

The memory of this motion has stayed with me. Over the years I've tried several different ways of replicating it but with no success. With Swoop I think I've finally solved the problem.

Swoop 450 room.jpg

Detail Photos of Swoop:

Swoop 450 detail 2.jpg
Swoop 450 detail 1.jpg