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Terry Riley: Dorian Reeds - with Kinetic Sculpture

We recently received an email inquiry about David's kinetic sculptures from a person that was researching Dorian Reeds on YouTube. He discovered the following video that combines an incredible sound track with carefully timed video clips.

How many different sculptures of David's can you find included?

  • Dorian Reeds, by Terry Riley
  • Eric Mohr, amplified bassoon
  • Recorded April 4, 2014 at the University of Toronto

A Kickstarter Project for those who love Kinetic Sculpture!

For many of us, the very first kinetic sculpture we encountered was probably a George Rhodes rolling ball machine in an airport or science museum. I know mine was and I remember how I spent a long time fascinated as I followed the various pathways for the descending balls. This kickstarter project is one that makes me smile in the same way.

Wonderstructs 1.png

It is by Andy and Keith Johnston and one of them is an owner of a Dimensions! Check out their video. Dimensions is there! Here is a link to there kickstarter page and video. They have reached their funding goal but if you want an early set, you can pledge. All these parts come with the set.

Wonderstruct paprts.png

Have fun!

A Wooden Clock with 407 parts!

I often hear from people interested in clock making. This youtube link was sent to me by a friend that is fluent in Japanese. He was able to provide me with a few details about this very ambitious clock mechanism.

This weight driven clock has two mechanisms, one telling time and one writing it out once every minute. It was designed by a 22 year old industrial design student for his graduation project. It is called a Plock (plot+clock). Wow!

Kinetic Penguins - Makes Me Smile

Looks like I need to make bitforms in NYC a regular stop for our occasional visit to the Big Apple. We missed this show of interactive Penguins by Daniel Rozin but also, in looking at the list of past exhibitions, there have been many fun kinetic art exhibitions. 

Daniel Rozin Penguins

I certainly would have spent some time interacting with these dancing Penguins.

Daniel Rozin Penguins 2

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