Kinetic Sound Sculpture • David Letellier


David has combined sound with motion in many of his kinetic sculptures.  It might be just the beautiful and relaxing rhythmic clicking in pieces like Journey or Falling Water, or it might be the more obvious harmonies created in his various wind chime pieces like Silver Symphony or Silver Song. I do know that incorporating sound adds an entirely new element and sensory experience to a sculpture. This following work by Berlin, Germany based artist David Letellier recently crossed my online space. I knew it was a piece to share with David's blog followers.

The title of buzing wiggling inverse Arch caught my eye and inspired me to watch the video. I recommend it.

Like so many kinetic sculptures, this one combines many disciplines. You see the influence of geometry, science, architecture, music and history all coming together with current technologies. The installation was located in the cathedral in Caen, France and 300 wires were hung from the mezzanine of the church nave. They are designed to mirror the the stone vaults soaring above it. The curve formed by the wires is a catenary which is a precise shape defined by a chain or flexible wire draped between fixed points. This action is the process used by historic builders to help them determine construction facets of arches and their required supports.

For more description on this installation visit the CoDESIGN website here.

I wish I could experience this installation in person.