Falling Water

One-of-a-kind  •  Size: 110"h x 78"w x 7"d  •  Approx. Run Time: 21 Hours 
Falling Water © 2008  •  Not for Sale

About Falling Water

We have a special wall in our home where I experiment with large one-of-a-kind sculptures. This is my fourth design for this space and my most ambitious. The wall is 14 feet high. The sculpture has five independent patterning wheels and a triple drive system to give it the extended run time of 21 hours. Falling Water makes a pleasantly random soft clicking sound that you have to listen for but it accompanies the motion nicely. You can read more about Falling Water and see additional photos on my blog.

Comments via Youtube:

Very nice!" - 2-7-2009 - ouaquede 

Beautiful work of art, I really like these. -1-14-09 - Radjehuty

Comments via website:

• "I really like your work - filigree, ornamental and yet machine-like and mechanical. Also the music underlying the video is well chosen and emphasizes the impression. Can you tell me which musician is that?  - 5-17-2010 - Jan

Response: "He uses Sonic Pro, a program that creates original royalty free music. Sometimes it works well and other times it doesn't but always a creative experience!" - Marji

• "That is so cool!!!!"  - 2-17-2010 - Michigan

• "I am mechanical engineer and patent attorney in Los Angeles, and someone who really enjoys working mechanisms, from motorcycles, which I collect, to old piston steam engines, to rolling ball sculpture, etc. I came upon your art for the first time today after looking around at Babbage engine literature and then kinetic sculpture. Your work is so elegant, smooth, and beautiful. So very impressive. I plan to explore your art more"  - 10-14-2009 - GH, California

• "I could sit and look at them for hours, great job."  - 7-20-2009 - Arkansas

• "Sculpture was very nice"  - 2-19-09 - dj