Silver Song

Limited Edition of 95  •  29.5"h x14.5"w x 10.5"d
  •  Run Time:  3 hours

•  Silver Song Kinetic Sculpture Directions


About Silver Song


Silver Symphony was my dream sculpture. I designed it without regard to practical considerations. Reality is that I now have a sculpture I love but one that is too large to fit into our house! Thus a new challenge unfolded. 

I decided to revisit a much smaller chime concept I had worked on in the late 1980's. The challenge was to combine the original mechanism with all I had just learned from creating Silver Symphony. I wanted to create a much smaller piece that incorporated the same relaxing ambiance and subtle sounds I had come to enjoy with the larger design. I also included new technologies to increase run time and reliability. After combining all those challenges I created Silver Song, a delightful musical kinetic sculpture that fits reality! 

The chimes used are the Woodstock Percussion Olympos Chimes which are tuned to an ancient Greek Pentatonic scale.


Comments via YouTube:

• This is just great! because of the mechanism that starts and stops at certain intervals, you get the impression of a slow rythm. Really fascinating and relaxing! I wish I had more money so I could get a bunch of your stuff. - 9-23-10

Comments via Website:

• This piece absolutely sings to my heart. Just peaceful!! - 7-23-11, M.

• Extraordinario..! Si pudiese comprarlo lo haría mañana mismo. Gracias - 5-14-11