Kinetic Pop-Ups


Combine pop-up book technology with stop-action photography and gif animations and you end up with kinetic pop-ups.  We were recently entertained by the the graphic and creative work of Portland based designer Mengyu Chen



I find it interesting that she uses many of the same themes you find in David's work. Flight is a recurring one. Below is Fireworks. Here is a link to David's kinetic sculpture, Fireworks.



And they both use Galaxy as a theme as well. Here is a link to David's Galaxy page. Galaxy is from the early years, 1980 to be exact, before video and YouTube. All we have on line is a still black and white photo. This example shows how far his work has come over the years.



These examples come from Colossal Art & Design website. Colossal is a great place to spend some creative exploring time! Enjoy!