Kinetic Flight • Searching the Portfolio Database

Over the years David has designed 16 different sculptures inspired by the flight of birds. It started with a his first flight design, Voyager in 1987. The variations have been many with the most recent piece being Frolic

A collection of flight designs by David C. Roy

We do know that collectors that like the flight pieces want to see all the flight pieces. This is now possible on the website.

This past fall, David and I spent months rebuilding the Wood That Works website from scratch. In so doing we have added new functionality in various areas, including search. David has been designing and building kinetic sculpture since 1975 and there are hundreds of different designs. All are listed in the Portfolio area but still, it is a lot of posts to search through. 

Here are some quick directions on searching in David's Portfolio.

First Click on the Portfolio link in the navigation bar.

Search by Name

If you know the name of a sculpture you are trying to get more information about, just enter it in the Search Portfolio by Sculpture Name field and click on the arrow to the right. (Yes, spelling counts! :-))

Search by Category

Scroll a little further down the window and in the right-hand column you will find a Category Index. In this area you can search for particular categories of sculptures by clicking on the different labels.  

The categories I have already identified and separated out include the following:

• Chimes
• Flight Theme
• Free-Standing Sculptures
• Large Scale Sculptures
• One-of-a-kind Sculptures
• Each Year

I just identified and added the tag to all the "Flight Theme" sculptures. Click on any of these links to see a sorted list of links to the appropriate sculpture pages.

Are there any other themes you want me to identify?

List of All Sculptures

Further down the right-hand column is an alphabetical listing of all sculptures. If you think you know the name of your sculpture but aren't sure, scrolling through this list might help you recognize it.


It is interesting to search through David's work and see the changes over the years.