Kinetic Swinging in NYC but we missed it!

On what fun! A group swinging event in NYC. From the moment I saw the photos of this art exhibit by Ann Hamilton I wished I could have experienced it.


Oh, the exhilaration,  the motion, and the group dynamics. I would have loved to have visited this installation at the Park Avenue Armory in NYC but it has just closed. 

I have been seeing photos of it around the web all month but no video. Does anyone have a video of it with people swinging? 


I'd love to here about the experience of swinging. I am not so sure about the 42 pigeons also in the exhibit but, oh the swings!

If you went please share your thoughts in the comments! 

Photos by Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images, Bebeto Matthews/AP, CollabCubedPark Avenue Armory