Mechanical Principles 1930

A collector of David's work from Israel sent us a link to this wonderful short video by avant-garde filmmaker and photographer Ralph Steiner. It is a collage of mechanical motion. It is on YouTube but the fascinating fact is that it was made in 1930 or 1933 depending on the Internet source you read!

I appreciated the comment posted by Regreex on the youTube site labeling the various mechanisms.

"Some of the mechanisms featured: 0:16 Positive displacement pump 0:26 Four-stroke engine piston 0:50 Simple steam engines or pumps 2:00 Steam engine reversing gear as on ships 3:10 Differential gear 4:05 Worm gear 4:10 Archimedes screw 5:22 Geneva gear 5:32 Pawl and ratchet 5:55 Grasshopper escapement 7:15 Scotch yokes 8:07 Positive displacement pump (same as 0:16) 9:29 Wheel-and-disc integrator used in analogue computers 9:54 Possibly a turbine"

Thanks Tzippi for the link.