Labyrinth • Kinetic Sculpture Being Built


Labyrinth was my most recent kinetic sculpture introduction and it was well received. That translates into a lot of work in the studio constructing the sculptures that were ordered. A working shop is visually an interesting place and I have started photographing some of the views I see on a regular basis. (Yes, I love the new and improved camera in the latest iPhone.) I have been creating a visual journal and decided to share some of the photos here.  

Bearings by the bucketful....

Parts set for assembly into more complex parts.

Carrying brackets lined up for finishing.

Wheels drying after being finished.


Parts creating visual patterns.


More complex parts coming together and being stacked.


Multiple wheel assemblies being tested.


Building the winding mechanism.


Lots of tiny pieces get added along the way.


Power source (constant force spring) is added.


Base units getting assembled.


Interesting angle of parts waiting for assembly.


A line of bases on the wall with drive wheels added.


The first level of the patterning wheel is added.

That is a far in the process as my photography takes us. I am enjoying recording the process photographically. Often the compositions of the photographics are artistic unto themselves. But as you can see, there is still much work to be done before I can ship. Back to the studio!