Limited Edition of 95  •  Size: 41"h x 30"w x 5"d  •  Run Time: 7.5 hours

Sold Out from David but available as of 11/19/14 at Moonstones Gallery 

Labyrinth Kinetic Sculpture Directions Edition 1-24
Labyrinth Kinetic Sculpture Directions Edition 25+

Note- David made a slight change in the Labyrinth mechanism between #24 and #25 which adds ease in construction. The visual image is different so David updated the instructions to match. Installation and operation is the same in both.


Labyrinth mounted on the wall in a contemporary room setting.

About Labyrinth:


Labyrinth is an easy-to-live with kinetic sculpture that meanders along unfolding a variety of hidden patterns while making soft, wooden clicking sounds.

This sculpture had a difficult birth. I designed the patterning wheels in 2007 but it took five years before I perfected a mechanism that moves them appropriately. One of the fine points I strive to achieve is the optimal pacing of the wheels as they move in either opposing or matching directions. The power mechanism has to be designed and tuned to deliver that exact rhythm.

To complicate matters, I love simplicity and efficiency and fuss to maximize run time while minimizing power input. I am able to power the wheels in Labyrinth with just a single spring and still get about 7.5 hours of runtime. The key is in the five balls providing a visual interest factor in the background. Yes, they are necessary! Visit the blog post here for more details on the design process.


Comments via YouTube:

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Comments via Website:

• "Extraordinary visual impact and design. Yes, it is the curves, as you said. Draws me into it and then releases so enchantingly! Bravo!" - 4/28/12, R.C.

• "These are amazing - I saw my first one at Mammoth Caves Kentucky in 1984- HAVE ALWAYS wanted one - just found you again thanks" - 3/1/12, S.H.

• "I have a new favorite. So beautiful. Saving up for it now." - 3/1/12,

• "I like this design a lot. Elegant but yet impressive. Very well done." - 3/1/12, R.R.

• "I love it. The patterns are absolutely breath taking. All I can say is WOW. " - 2/29/12, T.R.

Additional Photographs:

A unique feature of Labyrinth is the string of tiny spheres that lift and drop, reflecting the transfer of energy.


Labyrinth Kinetic Sculpture Design by David C. Roy in 2012