Rube Goldberg Contraption

Want to smile? Then take a minute and watch this video. It is a real life Rube Goldberg machine in action.

Rube Goldberg although a sculptor, was most known for his cartoon drawings of impossible yet humorous contraptions. Every Sunday paper had one included the color funnies section when we were kids. The brilliance of this one is that it is believable although one never knows with video. 

This video (which has gone viral - over 3.4 million views to date) was created by Joseph Herschner of Brooklyn, NY and he was the subject of a fun New York Times article on Jan 6, 2012. According to the article he has another Rube-ish video called "Creme That Egg". This is a wonderful example of kinetic sculpture, video and performance art merging into one experience.  

If you are fascinated by this type of contraption, visit the official Rube Goldberg Website. There are contests scheduled. It could be fun to be in the audience and watch.