Kinetic Furniture


When I think of kinetic furniture rocking chairs, swings, rocking horses all come to mind.  I don't generally imagine a table with motion elements but here are two that certainly are kinetic. 

The first is a marble maze, not your ordinary marble maze but a truly humongous one.

Tracks are routed into all the components creating a race track for wonderful dinner time competitions.


It all starts at the top of the table and runs its course out onto the floor.  What fun!

Watch it in action with this video.

Via Laughingsquid

Thanks to Marjoke from The Netherlands for providing additional information about the creators of this table. It is by the Dutch design team ontwerpduo (which translatesinto Design-Duo in English). The team includes a dreamer and a mathematician working together. They described the table as "a new type of functional woodcarving that invites you to play..." 

Design student Alex Mecker designed a coffee table that incorporates a kinetic sculpture. It is an automaton and requires hand-cranking. He made it in a furniture design class while at Purdue.

It is created out of 298 pieces including laser cut wood, dowels. o-rings and conduit. You can see the influence of Theo Jasen and Reuben Margolin in his design as noted in his description.  

He has put together a stunning and extensive presentation about the design and construction process on his Issuu site. Worth a visit.

via laughingsquid