TEDxBGSU • Physics + Art = Kinetic Sculpture


We are home from our first TEDx experience and the journey, from start to finish, has been memorable.  

First, about the actual day. No doubt about it. It was intense and will be one of those experiences that continues to percolate as I think about the people I met and the ideas discussed. All the talks were video taped including mine and should be available through the TEDx site in about three weeks. I will keep you posted and provide a direct link when they are put up. This particular TEDx was remarkable in that it was organized by five BGSU students. That lent the excitement of youth to the entire production. The theme was Passion, Inspiration, Action!

My talk, Physics + Art = Kinetic Sculpture, was about life's nudges with examples of the nudges that moved me from a career path directed toward the sciences to one in the arts. I continued exploring other nudges that led to inspiration, growth and change in my work.

My TEDx Talk went well, at least that's what Marji and others tell me. Luckily I'd put in a lot of time rehearsing. In truth, I have little memory of it and I, like you, am awaiting the video release to see what I actually said! I feel I skipped parts and rearranged the order on the fly. We'll see!

It was certainly a rush to see some of my older work on the big screen! 

The invitation to speak set off a review and reflection starting from the very beginning of this unexpected (and unplanned) career.  I must say that this reflection has been very valuable. Many parts of the history were never recorded or chronicled have been so now and will provide content for many a blog post to come. I hope that this discussion can provide inspiration to others to take the chance, follow the nudges and persue their dreams. 

So, stay tuned. I'll share the TEDx video.  I now have lots of great video and photos of sculptures long buried in the past thanks to Marji's efforts and we'll be showing and talking about them in future posts.