Kinetic Sculpture AT HubSpot • Biz Talk


Friday, 9/9/11, David and I traveled to Cambridge, Massachusetts because David had been invited to give a talk as part of the Hubspot Biz Talk series. He spoke to a group of employees about the early years of Wood That Works and developing a kinetic sculpture business by following the nudges.  

 Karen Rubin (our daughter!) with David at Hubspot

David was pleased to be doing this because his public speaking experience since grade school has been limited to weddings and he has never used a remote device with a presentation system. In addition to sharing his history with Hubspot he was gaining much needed experience for his TEDx talk next week. 

The presentation went well, David received great questions from the group that listened and much appreciated input on presentation ideas.  We also stayed for the Hubspot live web podcost of Marketing Update starring @karinrubin and @mvolpe.

 Karen Rubin with Mike Volpe recording "Marketing Update" at Hubspot

Hubspot is a great company and we appreciate their warm welcome and great advice! Thanks folks!