Variation Jazz • No Longer Missing!


It was recently discovered that the video on the Variation Jazz page was not Variation Jazz.  David is not sure when that mix up occurred but one of his recent tasks was to find the appropriate video and correct the error. Although original clips were available, the movie was missing so David has recreated the Variation Jazz video.  It is a great sculpture with the signature hex based patterning of the entire variation series.

David is often asked about the background music pieces that accompany many of his videos. He uses SonicFire Pro from SmartSound. It is production music software that includes a royalty free music library. He uses it to customize the length, arrangement and instrument mix to meet the requirements of each video.  One can "compose" tracks that reflect the essence of a design like the jazzy rhythms included in the above video. He can't send you the name of the piece or the artist because he crafts it out of the provided components in the software. This digital age we live in and the resources that are available to expand it are just amazing.