Serenade • Kinetic Motion and Music


David recently received a request from a collector for Serenade, a design of his from 2000 that sold out. After a little soul searching he decided it was time for him to part with the original master but he did create a new video of it before shipping it off.  

In making his editions he first creates a master and for years he kept every master. This practice started back in the early days of Wood That Works. He designed and built the first three sculptures, went to a craft fair and sold them all in the first twenty minutes, came home and had to figure out how to do it all over again. Since then he has created masters to refer to throughout the construction of the rest of the edition.

Serenade was the second kinetic sculpture David created using the tuned chimes of percussionist Garry Kivistad of Woodstock Percusion. It has the "Chimes of Java" incorporated into a sculpture designed to ring them softly and randomly.

Serenade master is now happily on display along with several other kinetic sculptures in a west coast collection. That is a much better pace for it than in the storage box at the top of our garage!