Kinetic Sculpture at Ashford School


Nearly two years ago a team of four 7th grade students at our local school saw my website. They were working on an Internet unit created by their teacher, Martha Hardisty. Mrs. Hardisty requires her students to complete a community service project and Michael Varga, James Potter, Ron LaMonica and Jordan Parent approached her with the idea of earning enough money to purchase a David Roy sculpture for the school.  The boys were impressed by the combination of science and art and felt that connection made it a perfect sculpture for the school. Two years later, as they are graduating from 8th grade, they have achieved their goal.  Last week at a school assembly they presented Fiesta to the school and helped me install it in the Main Office where it can been seen by students, staff and parents

Left to Right: David Roy, Jordan Parent, Michael Varga, James Potter and Ronald LaMonica at the presentation of Fiesta to Ashford School, May 25th 2011.

Michael Varga helping with the installation of the sculpture in the Main Office at Ashford School.

The group first approached me and selected the sculpture that best fit their goal.  They then did brainstorming on ideas to raise enough money to purchase Fiesta. It was at the presentation I learned that they had raised the money by offering a series of after school workshops for younger students at Ashford School centered on arts and crafts.  How appropriate.

I extend my congratulations to the four boys for completing their community service project in a unique way.  Their teacher Mrs. Hardisty also deserves recognition for encouraging community service and inspiring her students to strive to give back to their community.  I am honored to have one of my sculptures on display as a result of these efforts.

Michael Varga winding the Fiesta for the first time.