Color • Motion and Design by Julien Vallée


The striking color and the motion of the composition in this sculpture caught my eye and led to exploring (and wasting a chunk of time - rationalized as collecting inspiration) the fascinating work of Canadian graphic design Julien Vallée at his Motion and Design website.

I don't use color in my work - or at least not very frequently. I find that motion and pattern are two very strong elements and adding a third complicates the design.  I like the viewer to be able to interpret their own colors from the given elements.  

I do encourage others whom possess an understanding of color theory and mechanics to explore that realm of kinetic art.  As I have regularly said, too many ideas and not enough time!

Here is a photo of the last piece I created with color accents. Called Seascape, it was on display in our home for this photo but is now part of the incredible craft collection at the headquarters of Dansko in West Grove, PA. See earlier blog about Seascape here.