New Kinetic Sculpture Screen Savers


There are three new Wood That Works screensavers available for downloading over on the WTW website. David finally upgraded the screen saver software and that, combined with all the incredible video footage we shot for the TEDx presentation, inspired him. Choose any of these to grace your digital window and bring calm to your computing arena.

Silver Symphony:

This screen saver incorporates the zen like chime sounds created by this sculpture. It is soft and soothing as well as visually interesting.


Silver Symphony download page 


This silent screen saver includes a snippet of five different sculptures currently available from David.  You'll see Gyration, Shimmer, Quandary, North Star and Avalanche. Put this one on your desktop to give hints to others about what you'd love to receive.


Portfolio-1 download page

Portolio 2:

In this screen saver David experimented more with the capabilities of Final Cut and create a video that combines beautiful sculptures with interesting video work as well. Included are Journey, Fiesta, Evolution and North Star.


Portfolio-2 download page

David needed to upgrade the software because the previous version could not create screen savers for the newer operating systems.  This one can.  So if you have Mac OSX or Windows 7, and your older WTW screensavers stopped working, give these a try.