People in Motion • Crouching Tiger and Turtle


I have noticed there is a direct link between people who relate to David's kinetic sculpture and those who love roller coasters. The connection might take a detour through rolling balling sculptures as well. I am sure that link is what made me take notice of this sculpture in Germany.


photos by Thomas Mayer


This landscape interavtive art is installed in the city of Duisberg in Germany. The title, "Crouching Tiger and Turtle", reflects the human interaction with the sculpture. It has the visual potential of speed and motion yet in actuality, it must be experienced slowly, at human climbing speed.



It was created by Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth. As I studied the structure I wondered how one passed through the anti-gravity loop but on further research I learned one can not.  It is a closed loop and you can climb from either end but not from one end to the other.



The evening views apear as dynamic scribbles against the night sky. Another thing added to the bucket list! I'd love to experience this in person.

Note: These photographs are by Thomas Mayer. His work is available for sale at his website. He has incredible images of many subjects.  Worth a look!