Sculptures in the Woods

A collector brought to our attention a surprise sculpture hike in southern New Hampshire and we took a July morning to explore.  The Andres Institute of Art, located in Brookline, NH, is a unique place combining art, education, technology and the outdoors.  The collected effort of many has created a 140 acre sculpture park  hugging the side of Bear Mountain. There is an interesting history at their website.

Winding, wooded trails are open to the public although I recommend going to their website and downloading the map because there were none available onsite. Here are several of the many photographs David and I took as we hiked around the grounds which included an old quarry.  

The sculptures were created in the studio on the mountain during sculpture symposiums.  I expect many used the local rock resources.

I have uploaded additional photos of other sculptures on our Flickr site here. If you are ever visiting that corner of New England stop and enjoy the hike!