Featured Artist(s): Applied Kinetic Arts

Applied Kinetic Arts is a very diverse group of artists making many different kinds on sculpture and art. The diversity and background of this group is fascinating along with the works created.

"Applied Kinetic Arts (A.K.A.) is a community of artists working within the medium loosely defined as “kinetic”. Works incorporating motion, light, sound, and interactivity are represented by the group’s ever expanding member base. A.K.A. was founded in 2007 by artists Christopher T. Palmer and Nemo Gould with the intention of raising public awareness of this art form and providing a support network for its members, and others working within the genre." A.K.A. now has 9 members working in many different mediums including:

Nemo Gould: Machining and welding using found objects

Alan Rorie: Almost Scientific "focuses on the intersection between science, art and education"

Jeremy Mayer: creates sculpture using "components and mechanical processes indigenous to the typewriter" with no glue, welding

Head to Applied Kinetic Arts for links to all of the other contributors websites.