Design Month at Wood That Works

July is a "design month". I don't schedule any production and it feels like vacation! I use the time to read, swim, and, if there's time, work on some new ideas and finish up some old ones. The swimming has been great, I have a good book and I'm making progress with some designs. I finished a new sculpture Variation Dream and have a new piece with a working name of Pinwheel up and running. Three other new designs are partially done. They all use variations of a new mechanism I'm working on that isn't quite right yet. This mechanism has potential but will take more time and study to get right. So far it is too complex for the user to set up and not reliable enough.

August is just about here and it is back to work. I'm making Sky Dance in August, working on a replacement design for Seascape and plugging away at the stubborn new mechanism.