• One-of-a-kind 
• Size: 110"h x 78"w x 7"d  
• Run Time: 24 Hours  
• Seascape © 2002 
• Sold Out

About Seascape


Seascape was originally designed for a unique wall in our living room.  In designing and building our home back in 1978, a requisite was interesting walls and this particular wall has served as my creative canvas, inspiring different sculptures over the years.  When designing this piece I had two main goals; I wanted a smooth, flowing, wave-like motion and a long run time.  The tumbling interplay of the spinning upper wheels with their color inserts achieved the first goal.  In order to achieve the second, I created my first triple-spring power source. Using three constant force springs I was able to achieve a 24 hour run-time!

This piece has moved onto "greener" pastures.  Dansko (of clog fame) purchased it to be installed in their new, stunning and environmentally friendly corporate headquarters in West Grove, PA.  The color inserts were switched to green and the piece was installed in the retail outlet in the summer of 2008.  The facility is beautiful with an open, airy feel and many intriguing spaces and art pieces. You can stop by, see the sculpture in motion and buy a great pair of shoes!



Comments via Website:

"I just don't know what it is about it that gives it a flowy motion." - 8-6-10 A.V.