• Limited Edition of 95  
• Size: 55"h x 48"w x 7"d  
• Run Time: 15 Hours  
• Harmony © 2005
• Sold Out
Harmony Sculpture Directions


About Harmony 

I think of Harmony as a vertical mobile. It is a sculpture of balanced layers that interact with each other. The main carrier arm is pushed clockwise for a short interval by the drive mechanism. This action starts the entire upper assembly motion which continues rotating clockwise until it runs out of energy. The main carrier arm then falls back, triggering the mechanism and starting the action all over again. The motion appears random. It depends on the relative speeds of the two carrier arms when the drive impulse occurs. 

I started working on Harmony in an attempt to make a smaller version of my larger sculpture Gemini. As I played with the drawings and animations it morphed from a 2-bird piece into the current form.The bird forms are the same but the action is quite different.