Limited Edition of 36  •  Size: 51"h x 53"w x 8"d  •  Run Time: 20 Hours 
Illusion © 2005 • Sold Out  •  Illusion Kinetic Sculpture Directions


About Illusion

Size matters. At least when making complex patterning wheels!

The large, patterning wheels in Illusion allow me to create a very complex 3-dimensional patterning sequence. The mass of these large wheels creates a slow and graceful movement which is essential in elaborate patterns. 

The sequence starts with a relatively mild wave-like motion as the wheels rotate in the same direction but at slightly different speeds. A strong optical illusion begins to "pop out" as the back wheel slowly reverses direction and the wheels begin to counter rotate. Many folks see a shape like a torus or doughnut that seems to project out in front of the sculpture. I've tried to show this with the animation but the 2-dimensional nature of the computer screen just doesn't do it justice.


Comments via YouTube:

"sooo distracting, sooo cool."  - 2.16.09 - AreSkavlid

"this is my favourite of your pieces, if only you would make more, but i guess it would decrease the value ($ value not actual value)slightly for the lucky people whom already own it." - 1.14.09  - flashnorman

"Fascinating! Wonderful! Love the music as well :)" -2.08 - RTISST

"Your works are great, congratulations and thank you so much for sharing them with us :)"  - 2.08 - gaudio1981

"incredibly beautiful woodwork. one of the best kinetic sculptures i've seen" - 2.08 - piksi2 

Comments via Website:

"I'm an amateur woodworker and your pieces are absolutely amazing. I have never seen anything quite like it and your innovative approach is really a joy to see. I'm so excited, words can't describe what I think. Thanks for sharing!!" - 10.9.10 - Chippy Tippy