Limited Edition of 3  •  Size: 75"h x 74"w x 12"d  •  Run Time: 9 Hours 
Gemini © 2005 • Sold Out


About Gemini


Gemini is one of the largest sculptures I've built. The long arms make a smooth sweeping motion that carry the twin bird forms in a graceful dance. The dance of the bird forms is the main event but there is also a fascinating interaction of the arms themselves. I placed the dark overlay wood forms at the ends of the arms to draw your eye to this motion.
Gemini is a long running and quiet piece. There are soft clicking sounds as energy is transferred from the main carrier to the long arms.
The Flash animation shows some of the range of motion but viewing the video is necessary to get a real feel for the sculpture. Unfortunately it is a large file so dial-up internet users will need patience.

Comments via the Website:

• "Awesome idea. I love it. Think it would make a nice tattoo as well." - 9.3.10 - Marta, United Kingdom