Limited Edition of 6  •  Size: 57"h x 44"w x 9"d  •  Approx. Run Time: 24+ Hours 

Gyration © 2011  •  Edition Sold Out • DirectionsMounting Template


About Gyration

Gyration is a direct descendent of my freestanding sculpture Cognition. Cognition creates a complex motion pattern with many layers. The patterns of individual layers merge to create an entirely new, almost organic, feel.  

With Gyration I wanted to isolate the motion of the individual layers and position them against a wall to remove any background confusion. Gyration reveals a motion that I see as a dance. It is composed of two pairs that are also paired. (I didn't think of it before but an alternative name could have been "A Pair of Pairs." Marji would have liked this, she has an affinity for pears!)  

Each pair is linked but rotates independently creating a series of randomly changing patterns. The sculpture moves slowly most of the time so the patterns seem to flow from one to the other. I like it when they form a line and then the center "cogs" seem to stop moving while their partners spin around them. This definitely isn't a tango but a slow stately dance like a waltz!


Comments via YouTube:

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Comments via Website:

• "Impressionante como a razoavel simplicidade possa refletir tanta beleza. Congratulations!! " - 8/4/11 - F.A. Brazil  (Translation:Amazing how simplicity can reasonably reflect such beauty. Congratulations!)

• "David, your work is astoundingly fresh, innovative and impressive. One day I will have one of your pieces. Take care.. " - 5/2/11 - M.A  

• "An inspired design. I own another of David Roy's kinetic sculptures and love it. We wind it up each morning here at the office, and it entertains everyone who comes through the lobby of our floor in our building. But, this new one may just replace it. " - 4/26/11 - D.P  

• "Ancient fan and buyer. My favorite is serpentine. Also bought puppeteer.Great artist!" - 4/26/11 - F.N  

• "I love your work - your respect for the graining of the wood as well as the poetry that you build into the motion. My dream is to be able to give both of my sons one of your living works of art! Sooner or later, that will happen" - 4/26/11 - E.C.

• "This is great! After you watch the moving parts intensly for a while and then look down at the area where the spring motor is located the entire lower assembly seems to turn. Try it. It is an interesting illusion. This is another special example of your God given talent. Thank you." - 4/26/11 - C.W.  

• "I love it both when it stands still and when it moves. Great job!" - 4/26/11 - T.R.