One of a Kind  •  Size: 69"h x 44"w x 18"d  •  Approx. Run Time: 24 hours

Price: SOLD  


About Cognition:


I started working on this sculpture with a vision of the innards of complex gear machines. I was looking for a way to express mechanical beauty but with constantly changing motion. Gears seemed like the perfect metaphor.  

As I worked on the design, especially as I started creating the animations to get an idea of the motion, I was surprised to find that what I saw was far more organic than mechanical. The change in perspective fascinated me and I worked to exploit it with changes in the drive mechanism and base design.  

I made Cognition a long running piece at about 24 hours for a full wind. Each side of the sculpture, front and back operates independently and is powered by 2 springs. I've found that I like living with sculptures that run all day with a single winding session.  

I've had Cognition up at my studio gallery in "testing" mode for several months now. It has inspired quite a few comments but my favorite was from a German friend who's first reaction was "Ouch!"


 In this video David discusses Cognition.


Comments via YouTube:

 • "David, all your work is amazing and this may be one of your best. Is there any way to stop a sculpture partway through its course? Say, if I wanted to go to sleep of something and wanted to stop the clicking, for example. " - 2/19/11 - MPS186282  

From David:  "Yes, all my sculptures can be stopped mid-cycle.  Some are easier than others. Cognition is an easy one.

 • "In a word...Sublime " - 2/19/11 - kattabinders

 • "Watching you process thru the various forms has been a long-time delight! Well done Sir. Tango 104" - 2/19/11 - totalitron

 • "This is Art! :D " - 2/18/11 - kattabinders

  • "Cool, looks like a tree. And nice music.." - 2/18/11 Kratax

Comments via Website:

  • ""Hi David, It has been a while since I visited your website. Cognition is a masterpiece. If we are all "cogs in a machine," then I hope this is a type of playful dance of organic cogs. By the way, the sculpture that I purchased continues to run strong daily, despite being taken down and reinstalled by workmen, due to a flood here at the office. It is the talk of the floor. Thanks again, D.P., Dallas, Texas " - 3/1/12, 

  • ""I think the name is fitting COGnition. The main pieces look like cogs." - 2/25/11 E.E.

  • "A gorgeous work of art!" - 2/24/11 D.N.

  • "I own one of your very old pieces, Avian. It is a special friend to me. When I get your emails I always look at your new work and secretly compare, but still love my Avian best. Cognition is really challenging Avian though. What I like about this piece is that it has some of that same sense of random motion that Avian has - great balance with a little less emphasis on symmetry is really pleasing to me. The surprising changes of direction and amoeba-like combinations are continuously interesting. The free standing aspect is nice too. I would love to view it from all sides! Thanks for your emails and your wonderful sculptures." - 2/25/11 B.K.

  • "To me - your finest work. A Masterpiece! Museum bound." - 2/24/11 - J.C.

  • "Kind David: Always is a pleasure meet your extraordinary and delicate art. God bless your hands !" - 2/24/11 O.A.F

  • "As always, good and graceful. Good music. How about adding a third color? E.g., make one of the small dark brown wheels red? It would be easier to see the large range of movement of the small wheels and add another dimension to the piece." - 2/24/11 - SW

  • "Your most eclectic work. Outstanding as a free standing piece. Would love to own one. :(" - 2/24/11 - S.R.

  • "Oh how beautiful!! I'm drawn to anything with anything that has curvature and adding movement enhances the beauty. This reminds me of a beautiful flower with ever moving and changing petals. The movement is so fluid it is soothing to the senses and the addition of music takes it to another level. What a beautiful work of art David." - 2/24/11 - C.