North Star

Limited Edition of 95  •  Size: 35"h x 28"w x 6"d  •  Run Time: 40+ hours 
•  North Star ©2011

Sold Out from David but available as of 11/19/14 at Moonstones Gallery 


About North Star


My first sculptures in 1975-76 ran for about 20-30 minutes, I considered them a success but I wasn't satisfied. I've spent the past 35 years exploring new designs, mechanisms and building techniques and one consideration is always run time. Runtime grew in leaps from less than half an hour to 1 hour then 3 hours then 10 hours. Last year I was pleased to introduce my first single spring sculpture than ran for 24 hours, White Water.

This year I'm introducing North Star, my first sculpture that runs for 40 to 50 hours. A long runtime wasn't the goal of this sculpture but the result of the type of patterning I was trying to create. I'm using two similar but different wheels rotating in the same direction at different speeds. For the patterns to emerge properly the wheels have to rotate very slowly. The side effect to the constantly changing patterning is a very long runtime.

Comments via YouTube:

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Comments via Website:

• "I have just installed North Star. Absolutely mesmerizing. We love it!" B.W. 3/28/12
• "The oscillating appearance is fascinating. GREAT!." J.R. 9/30/11
• "Congratulations on your latest creation. The most striking development that I can see is the black background. Very nice effect." C.K. 9/23/11
• "Most amazing art I have ever seen . Brilliant!" T.E. 8/31/11