Sun Dance

• Limited Edition of 75  
• Size: 42"h x 33"w x 8"d  
• Run Time: 6 Hours  
• Sun Dance © 2007
Sun Dance Kinetic Sculpture Directions 

About Sun Dance

The idea for Sun Dance came to me as I was working on Sky Dance. I was playing with the Sky Dance fan shaped carrying wheels when I noticed the way a fan seemed to spread and collapse when the wheels were oriented in the same direction. I went back to the computer and started exploring ways to use the "fan effect." A surprise spiral patterning effect showed up in the animations when I drew in a fixed orientation circular floating "bird" made up of arcs that, although thinner, matched the carrying wheel arcs.

I love "discovering" new visual patterning effects and end up spending many hours studying and staring when I find one. My understanding of the patterns then helps me to develop a mechanism to show them to best effect.


Comments via YouTube:

 • "It looks like a yin yang symbol at one point. Pretty cool. Did you do that intentionally?" - 7.08 - dnbehtn

• "I love the random motions of your sculptures, quite beautiful !"  -2.08 - woodessence 

Comments via Website:

• "You should go to Burning Man and put your work on display. The BM community would LOVE them. I know I sure do." - 3.10 - Aaron - Davis, CA