Wikipedia Listing

by Marji

This past month an informative article about David has been added to the pages of Wikipedia. I don't know if it has crossed your radar or not but here is a link.

Over the years David's name has appeared on Wikipedia in articles about kinetic sculpture, been placed there by others, and then been removed by the Wikipedia Jedi for lack of print substantiation. This past fall I did a major renovation of the office and my craft room, and in so doing cleaned and organized all the paper files. I pulled together all the various print articles written about David over the past 35 years and filed them together. That was a little trip down memory lane for sure.

A few months later our daughter voiced her opinion that she thought it was high time for Dad to be on Wikipedia. As a birthday gift she was going to work the magic to see if she could make it happen. Apparently, there is a process, and requirements and she had acquaintances that knew the how to. But they couldn't guarantee it would stick.  That is where my file of articles and online links came in to help. Yes, there is now enough third party information printed about David and much of it is referenced at the end of the Wikipedia article. I especially loved the article printed in the Baltimore Sun written by Carl Schoettler back in 1978. He was quite a wordsmith.  Echo "looks like a spinning wheel for ghost tales at midnight. Serendipity is a small device that might measure rainbows." Enjoy.