Introducing Nautilus and a Music Experiment

This week we are finally adding Nautilus to the website and making it available for sale.  

David finished Nautilus a while ago but we have learned in previous years to never introduce a sculpture in the middle of summer. No one notices! So we have held off until this week. Check out this new design and read about it here.

The process of introducing a new sculpture takes a lot more work after David has spent many months perfecting the design and construction. One of the time consuming parts is adding sound to the video. Most of David's pieces make little to no sound at all (although Nautilus does). Video without sound is lacking so David tries to add a music background. He has tried all different ways of adding royalty free music and this process continues to be a youtube challenge. In order to eliminate constant challenges to the ownership of the music David has most recently decided to use only the pieces supplied by youtube for inclusion.  

But the choices are still many and what genre best suits a piece? We have learned that the background music significantly affects a viewers emotional response to a piece.  So here is a little experiment......

David has added several different music scores to the Nautilus piece. We'd love to hear your reactions to it in the comments sections below.

Nautilus with actual sound:


Nautilus with Classical music


Nautilus with Pop music

Nautilus with Rock music


We would like to know which style of music you think best fits Nautilus but also share any observations you might have about how the music impacts the perception of the sculpture.

Visit the web page about Nautilus here for a description of the sculpture. If you are interested in ordering, visit the order page here. Some are available for shipping now.