Buugeng • A Curved Kinetic Instrument

Learn something new everyday.

Today I learned about Buugeng. Buugeng are the curved pieces used in the following YouTube video. Watch how the two folding C-shaped blades are manipulated to create evolving patterns.

How many sculptures created by David can be seen in variations of the patterns created in this dance? I see many.... Impulse,  Serpentine, Crustacean, Jubilee, Sequences, Duet, Castaway, Quest

The word is a registered trademark of Dai Zaobab and it can be translated into the combination of three words - martial arts, infinity, and illusion. It is a cross between dance, motion, juggling, and kinetic sculpture. The first generation Buugeng was created in 2003 and gained widespread exposure in 2007. It evolved from the creator's memories of seeing the work of Michael Moschen.

We learned about it thanks to an email from follower Rick Bissel from The Mobile Factory.