Tim Prentice Writes "Drawing on the Air"


Tim Prentice is a fellow kinetic sculptor from Connecticut and I have always admired his work. His sculptural style is completely different from mine yet there is a kinship in love of motion. He has written a book about his work and creative career, Drawing on the Air, and it was recently released.  It is well worth adding to your kinetic sculpture literary library. I did. It is available here on Amazon.


I especially like this quote from the book.

"Making the Air Visible

The air around us moves in ways that are organic, whimsical, and unpredictable. I therefore assume that if I were to abdicate the design to the wind, my work would take on these same qualities. 

The architect in me studies matters of scale and proportion. The engineer minimizes friction to make the wind visible. The artists wants to understand it changing shape. Meanwhile, the child wants to play."

The book uses QR codes to connect images in the book to online videos of the sculptures in motion.

Yellow Zinger by Tim Prentice

Tim Prentice participated in the kinetic Art show at the Atlantic Botanical Gardens back in 2008.  The following video was created for that show and there is a great section with Tim Prenctice discussing his work. Many other kinetic sculptors including Kristina Lucas, Zachary Coffin, Geroge Sherwood, David Fried and Susan Pascal Beran discuss their work as well. Worth waiting for the download to view.