For those that want a kinetic kit


David doesn't make kits or plans for his sculptures and I understand why.  The fine-tuning phase that goes into to every design is something that can't be put into a kit. And we encourage creativity in others. But for those that enjoy creating from kits, I just found out about one for a mini Theo Jansen wind-powered walking machine from Dug North on the Automata Blog

According to the blog Three Steps Over Japan Gakken released this kit to coincide with an exhibit on Theo Jansen at the Tokyo Mirakan in Japan. You can try to order the kit from Gakken's online store. I haven't found an english version yet.

David recently received a tip from a visiting collector about a book written by Theo Jansen about his magnificent kinetic work. The book,  Theo Jansen: The Great Pretender is available from Amazon although it is rare and you do need to wait for it.  We waited well over a month for David's copy. We were told it would be 3 months but did indeed show up much sooner.  He is currently reading it and finding it fascinating.  The book includes a dvd filled with additional information, interviews and descriptions by Jansen on the process of making his roaming beasts.

I have always listed Theo Jansen in my artist's links but for those that aren't familar with his work here is a very often watched YouTube video of his beasts in motion.