Inspiring Artists: Gus & Lina Ocamposilva

A very few of David's sculptures contain color accents including Pulsar and Variation Surf.

David's sculptures don't lend themselves to vibrant colors. Bright colors take away from the beauty and complexity of the motion that his pieces create. Natural wood tones have complemented his pieces from the very beginning. That doesn't mean inspiration isn't found in other artist's colorful creations.

Husband and wife team Gus & Lina Ocamposilva create colorful abstract sculptures

inspired by the colors and shapes of the world. The "Ocamposilvas' art works are an interpretation of the world where they were raised; the Andes and the Tropic, a world filled with a great diversity of colors. They want to show, in their works, the passion for life, colors, magic and  poetry." (Source)

To see more of their colorful pieces head over here.