Food for the Creative Kinetic Soul

It is definitely inspiring to spend time sharing stories with others that love kinetic sculpture.  This past weekend (Oct. 9-10, 2010) was my first open house in fifteen years and it was a rewarding and motivating experience on many levels. 

Since the Internet has become my main face to the world, I seldom get to meet the people that own my sculptures. This is a definite loss because having discourse with others about my work, about their work, about the creative world in general is truly inspiring. Saturday and Sunday I got to surround myself  with people and together discuss so many topics. Marji and I extend thanks to those who came from both near and far to spend a few hours sharing the joy of kinetic sculpture with us. It is food for the creative soul!

Below are a few photos from the event.



Marji and I had a wonderful time. I expect we will not wait another fifteen years for the next open studio.  Join us then.