Exploring Kinetic Art....

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Packing Peanuts? In Kinetic Sculpture?

Packing peants and windows... 


Add fans and look what happens......

Zimoun : 36 ventilators, 4.7m3 packing chips, 2014 from STUDIO ZIMOUN on Vimeo.


What a fascinating, simple and entertaining installation by Swiss Artist, Zimoun.  This is on display in the windows on the Museo d'Arte di Lugano located in Switzerland.


via Colasssal 


Another Organic Escapement by Dolf Perenti

I have shared the work of Dolf Perenti before. Here is another sculptural escapement mechanism created by him.

He describes it as:

"Another escapement with a wooden linkage. A normal pendulum would obstruct the view of the escapement so I had to do some bending and curving of some parts ;). Adjustable, sliding counterweight of pendulum at the backside compensates for forward tilting of the pendulum. Pendulum itself is adjustable for tuning the escapement (rotating of the pointform), Semicircular attachment on pendulum is adjustable for finetuning the escapement. A little weight pulls on a pulley behind the ecsapewheel."


Very organic.  See more of his work at his YouTube page here.


Solo Kinetic Sculpture takes flight!

David recently released another new kinetic sculpture.  This one is Solo and it again incorporates one of his favorite themes, flight. He is applying a new mechanism to drive this and is very pleased with the end result.

Visit the website to see a video and more photographs of this new piece.  It is being produced in an edition of 95 and runs for 11 hours per winding.

A search of his portfolio shows that he has designed 17 flight related designs over the past 35 plus years. Click here to explore them all and see a little history along the way!


Inversion - Motion Mobile

Here is a wonderful kinetic mobile created for Festo, a company that specializes in automation. It is a helium filled flying object that turns itself inside out.

This is a constant and rhytmic motion called inversion.  Here is a short stop action video posted by Daniel Wall showing the shapes and how this motion is achieved. It includes a dodecahedron followed by the simpiler Schatz cube which was named after mathemetician Paul Schatz.


We have several widgets in our collection that were derived from this concept including a hexyflex wire model.

I'd love to see the helium version in motion but I can't find any reference as to where this sculpture is located. Anyone know?


 via Dug North Automata Blog



Perennial Flux • Kinetic Sculpture by Benjamin Cowden

This photo caught my eye as I was exploring kinetic sculpture on Pinterest the other day.


Following the info I discovered it was created by Benjamin Cowden of Oakland, California and he has a video posted on YouTube which greatly enhances the understanding of any kinetic sculpture!


He also has a web presence at TwentySevenGears. Visit it to see more of his interactive mechanical sculpture.

I also noted by looking through his website that he is currently the head of the Kinetics and Robotics department at The Crucible in Oakland, CA And he teaches course there. Might be a resources for those of you looking to learn more about creating kinetic sculpture.