Come visit - A Rare Open House at Wood That Works


It was back in 2010 that David last had an open house at the studio. It is true that these don’t occur very often so folks, take note…..  We are having another open house at the Wood That Works studio on December 3rd and 4th, 2016 from 10 AM until 5 PM. We would love for you to stop by, see David’s recent work and say hi.

                Introducing Sea Frolic

                Introducing Sea Frolic

David will be displaying lots of sculptures including several from his new series. The Kindala series (a new word created by combining Mandala and kinetic) represents a year of study by David on the effects of speed (or lack there of) and direction combined with over-lapping patterns. He has created a masterfully simple mechanism to carefully control fascinating emerging designs that constantly evolve. 

Along side these will be a variety of other wall designs, some free-standing designs including the new Sea Frolic and a few of the historical pieces to show some of the evolution in design over the past 40 years. 

We are timing the open house to coincide with Northeast Connecticut Artist Open studio weekend ( which features open studios scattered throughout the back roads of Connecticut’s Quiet Corner. Plan a little extra time to visit other studios in the area. We will have maps and brochures available with additional information or visit their website to research the possibilities. Located just around the corner from us is the studio of Lynita Shimizu, a talented wood block artist working in the Moku Hanga Japanese wood block style. Her studio will also be open and is well worth a visit.

Stacked Cards by Lynita Shimizu

Stacked Cards by Lynita Shimizu


Also located in the southern end of town is watercolorist Charley McCaughtry’s studio. His studio will be open from 10 AM to 6 PM both days for his annual open house. Check out his website here.

New Years Morning by Charley McCaughtry

New Years Morning by Charley McCaughtry


So please, come join us. And feel free to bring along a friend or two that might also enjoy a visit to an off-beat gallery in the woods.

The Wood That Works studio is located near exit 72 on I-84 a little over an hour from Boston and 30 minutes from Hartford. The address to enter into your GPS is 229 Old Town Road, Ashford, CT.  We will have signs posted.

Directions: Take I-84 to exit 72 which is CT route 89. Turn south on 89 (right if coming from Hartford, left if coming from Boston). Take your first right (almost immediately) onto Frontage Rd. Follow for 1 mile and take your 2nd left onto Old Town Road. David’s studio is the first driveway on the right. It has no sign and is a steep uphill drive with a blue house at the top.  

Parking: There is parking for about 6 cars near the studio. Additional parking is available if needed at our house at 221 Old Town Road (next driveway on the right). The studio is a short walk along a path through the woods.

Mechanical Insects!

Colossal has uncovered another kinetic artist and shared his work on their website. The work of Dedy Shofianto of Indonesia is fascinating and unique.  Check out these incredible mechanical insects all constructed from jati teak wood.

They are kinetic and rely on electric components to create the motion. You can get more information about Dedy Shofianto at the following resources:

  • Colossal post byChristopher Jobson here.
  • Rebase Contemporary arts here.
  • YouTube video here.

Variation II Sun Edition nearing end

We regularly get the request to let people know when an edition is nearing the end. This post is such a notice. We soon will have orders for all the remaining Variation Sun II sculptures. This piece is in an edition of 24 and the last 2 are still available for order. But they aren't in the schedule until February of 2017 with shipping aiming for March 1, 2017. If you are interested in this wonderful kaleidoscopic design then get in touch soon!

Limited Edition of 24  •  Size: 46"h x 44"w x 8"d  •  Approx. Run Time: 15 hours 

Price: $3000.00  •  Click here to Order

Please don't touch.........

The link to this video was sent to us by Jim Schnieder of Blue Oak Hill Sculpture Park in Nevada.

It isn't my kinetic sculpture but one created by James Borden. I experience the same challenges with display.  I have never been able to understand the uncontrollable urge people have to touch mechanical objects! Their curiosity just gets the better of them.  This unfortunate video comes from the National Watch and Clock Museum of Columbia, PA. That certainly looks like an interesting place to visit.