• Limited Edition of 36  
• Size: 52"h x 43"w x 10"d  
• Run Time: 8 Hours  
• Tangle © 2002 
• Sold Out
Tangle Kinetic Sculpture Directions 
Tangle Mounting Template 

About Tangle


Tangle creates a sensuous series of intertwining patterns as the dark curves of the overlapping wheels rotate in the same direction at different speeds. The circular carrying wheel behind them pushes them forward when it rotates in a clockwise direction and then allows them to free rotate as it moves in the counterclockwise direction. 

The entire upper mechanism is powered and controlled by the lower mechanism through a pair of woven nylon lines and a complex arrangement of pulleys, belts and springs. 

Tangle is a piece I can be mesmerized by. It has a continually varying set of patterns and I find myself always waiting for the next one.



 • Limited Edition of 36  • Run Time: 8 Hours