Limited Edition of 95  •  Size: 34"h x 34"w x 7"d  •  Approx. Run Time: 7.5 

Not Available   • Monarch Kinetic Sculpture Directions

About Monarch:


When I design a new sculpture my goal is a motion or a pattern created by the motion. It is never an identifiable theme or object. When a design comes together I study it in depth considering things like pace, rhythm, sound, excitement.Yet most others immediately identify what it "looks like". It might be a crab, Chinese calligraphy, or a butterfly. That is why this piece is titled "Monarch".

I've designed a completely new mechanism for this sculpture. It is a direct drive mechanism with the spring connected directly to the drive wheel of the sculpture. Years ago I designed another direct drive mechanism that I've explored in several sculptures including Evolution and Focus. It is a simple and very effective mechanism but is also limiting. My goal in designing this mechanism was to have more options in the frequency, power and randomness of each push.


For this design I wanted to use very short impulse bursts of energy at seemingly random intervals to create a slow chaos of motion. The many-veined construction of the large wheels were designed to create striking cascading patterns when counter rotated for even a short period of time.

At the center of this slow patterning chaos is the seemingly simple 2 pawl mechanism that controls it. The mechanisms in my sculptures are always visible but sometimes you have to look in from the side to view all the moving parts. In Monarch all the key parts of the mechanism are front and center, clearly visible. Now people who want a clear view of the workings can see it all, maybe or maybe not understand it, but certainly see it and study it.

Monarch_300 2.jpg

Comments via YouTube:

 • "Such beautiful pieces of art and machinery!. " - 5/15/11 - LRH  

 • "The most relaxing art ever , Love your creations! :o). " - 5/15/11 - LLV 

 • "Very very artistic and complex. " - 5/15/11 - M  

Comments via Website:

 • ""Absolutely awesome ..even watching your creation's, make me fresh..thanks for adding me in your mail list, GW" - 5/19/12, 

 • ""Magic! so very clever, E.D" - 5/16/12, 

 • ""Thanks, it's beautiful, as always. Reminds me a bit of "Wings" one of my all-time favorites!, R.B., " - 5/15/12,